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Trump's been coddlin' the KKK, white supremacists and neo-Nazis publicly since 2015. Why is anybody suddenly actin' surprised he had dinner with one?

These are the Biden holiday decorations, just unveiled by our first lady, Dr. Jill Biden.
My first thought was, “What, no blood red scary trees, symbolizing the blood of our enemies?!”
It’s sure nice to have normal back. In so many ways.

China is growing restive over Covid restrictions and lockdowns, and the government is nervous. As the threat of protests spreads, where might things go from here, and how do China’s leaders view their predicament? This and more in today’s piece.

Where’s the lie? 🤔

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If God is real then how come we're allowed to offer #HotDogSandwiches? They are an abomination and no divine being would allow us to make them. They merely hasten our journey towards oblivion while filling the void in our tum-tum.

Checkmate, religion. Come try a #HotDogSandwich today!

What’s everyone’s favorite thing about the War on Christmas? The fact that it upsets conservatives or the fact that it’s totally made up?

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and it is also the National Day of Mourning, which remembers the genocide of millions of Native Americans and their ongoing erasure today.

In giving thanks today, let us also reflect and act to stop the ongoing genocide of America's Indigenous Peoples.

Happy turkey day, everybody! Tea Pain is thankful we still have a functioning democracy and for all of you who played a role in keeping it that way. Enjoy your holiday!

Elon Musk went on a firing frenzy at Twitter. Now he’s paying for it | Robert Reich | The Guardian

Where employees are a corporation’s key assets, workers’ greater power comes in threatening to walk out the door

Day 272 of my 3 day war. In the last month 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. That's twice what USSR lost in Afghanistan in 10 years.

I remain a master strategist

Maybe Elon should buy the Republican Party?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of the white supremacists stopping his Black classmates from desegregating North Little Rock High School in 1957.

In 2017 Jones vehemently opposed Kaepernick’s peaceful protest against racism. Some things never change.

The Big-Headed-Turtle, a species native to Southeast Asia

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