Poz Gay Men 4 Men Over 40

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Poz Gay Men 4 Men Over 40
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want to meet
I am in your catagory and need to meet Poz lovers. Please let me know how to network in this group.

Dana - dana , posted 06/13/10
Sites for Poz Support Over 40
I was a member of Strength in Numbers (which do great work) but I really wanted to be in a group for over 40 year old poz men to get together. There was one for 30-55 year olds but my personal preference is my age or above (partly from personal expereience, mostly due to life achievement and maturity) At the moment, the Ning Social Network doesn't charge though someone started a rumor on Yahoo (which I personally loathe) that this may soon change. I find it more difficult to connect on Facebook (where my above-ground friends travail) with Poz Gay Men due to Facebook's complete lack of privacy despite being the largest social network. At this time in my life, I am not hiding my HIV status but I understand those who do. My problem is just that so many sites are dominated by very young gay men who are just not my interest, or the drama I wish. As I come across HIV-positive dating and/or hook-up sites, I will write reviews and invite others feedback. I do not review Paid-for sites as I believe, that given how lonely this condition can render someone, we need as many free resources available to our ignored demographic. Please feel free to check out the Ning network, while it is still free.... Mike-from-Oz-in-Mnhttn - Mike_from_Oz , posted 05/01/10

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