Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

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Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
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Wouldn't be caught without it
Out of all of the books I own, this is my favorite! - Jake , posted 01/14/10
best beginers guride, great buy.
this is a really good book, one of my favs on the subject, a must have if you like permaculture or gardening. best place i've seen it for sale is The book depository,and their deliver world wide for free. check it out. - josh , posted 12/02/09
gaia gaga
very well done,
I sleep with this one under my pillow - garlic , posted 08/21/07
The One I Recommend
I recommend this book whenever someone curious about Permaculture wants to learn more about it without hurting their brain. I also recommend that Permaculturists give this book to their family and friends. I recommend this book to people who may never have heard of Permaculture, but are interested in Sustainability.

Much of the time, information about Permaculture has to be hunted down and is only accessible to people who know what to look for and where to find it, making it seem that only super-hippies and eco-activists will ever discover or attempt Permaculture. What I love about "Gaia's Garden" is that it is a source of information that 'hangs out' where the everyday gardener hangs out. You don't have to be a dedicated eco-activist to run across this book!

I happened to find this book by accident -- I was a beginning vegetable gardening and was browsing gardening books when the title "Gaia's Garden" caught my eye. It turned out to be the best garden book I have ever read. It was simple enough for a complete novice (this is "soil", this is a "plant") yet so richly informative that I would read it during my college biology class instead of listening the the professor!

Permaculture methods can save us tons of time and effort in the garden -- and I never would have found that out for myself if the only books available were ponderous tomes with large scientific sounding titles. A friendly looking book with and easy, catchy title, and a flowery cover photo is what the world needs if we are to bring Permaculture to the people. - Gia , posted 04/16/07
favorite permaculture book
I love this book! It is much more accessible than Bill Mollison's manuel (although that is still a great resource). - Brandy , posted 03/30/07
Good for beginning/suburban permacultureq
This is a great book, lots of good info, and a much easier read than Mollison's manual. Great for people who are oriented towards suburban/urban or small rural plots of land. - Unsubscribed , posted 03/17/07
Beautiful Book
We have been reading Gaia's Garden and getting some of the ideas in place here on the land. It is a great inspiration! - Dreamie / DreamEa... , posted 02/22/07
Gaia's Garden: a great beginner resource!
Great book, have had it for severla years and found it a great resource to get started!
Dave - Big Sur , posted 02/20/07
Practical and Inspirational!
An amazingly comprehensive and spectacular introduction the true sense of permaculture in practice! - beau , posted 02/19/07
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